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Intervals are pretty much the best way to workout.

Whether you're looking to lose weight, improve performance (ie; speed or endurance), there is an interval technique for it.

Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with interval training, you’re probably wondering what the ach-e-double-hockey-sticks I’m talking about right?

Well basically interval training involves a quick burst of high intense effort, that will increase heart rate...

>>>sometimes using cardio
>>>> sometimes using weights
>>>>>sometimes using a combination of cardio and weights

Followed by a low intense exercise, so that you bring heart down, and gain some recovery.

The BIG idea behind intervals is, the harder your muscles work, the more oxygen they require, so when you work really close to your body’s maximum oxygen utilization, which triggers an after-burn effect.

And this after-burn effect means, you that even after you finish that hard effort, your body continues to consume oxygen and continues to burn extra calories, in some cases, up to 48 hours after you finish that high intensity interval training workout (INSANE!!)

So if you’re putting your body into a state where you’re working at a maximizing oxygen utilization;

Example Workout:

30 second sprints

10 Push ups

10 Box Jumps

Repeat for 5 rounds

...then you have to repay this oxygen debt for hours and hours after you finish the workout…

OXYGEN DEBT EQUALS: Major calorie burning effect due to extra oxygen consumption...

The difference between interval training v.s. BORING, steady state training, is the level of VO2 max consumption…A.K.A – the maximum rate in which you can use oxygen.

Sooo, for example…

With a steady state training workout (i.e.: running at the same speed for 20 minutes), you’re working out at perhaps 75% of your maximum oxygen utilization. So you might be winded, you're sweating, but you can repay that oxygen debt within a few minutes after you’re finished the workout.

But with interval training, you’ll bump up the intensity, so your training in a place where you hit a 100% of VO2 max multiple times during the workout. Then you back off and allow yourself to recover and then you hit it again.

Not only is this an effective way to facilitate fat loss, but you can also build strength, endurance, speed, and increase core strength.

The great thing about interval workouts is your constantly challenged, because there's a million different ways to challenge the intensity....

But that's easier said then done.

Creating an effective interval workout is like creating a piece of art. You need to have the knowledge and experience to know how to put all the pieces to together….

The pieces being...

  • The best kind of exercises...
  • The order of the exercises...
  • The techniques...
  • The rest time....
  • The amount of weight…
  • The amount of cardio

All of these factors determine how the workout flows, which determines intensity, which determines results.

When out all right pieces are put together properly so that you push past your limits, and are challenged both aerobically and aerobically, for the right amount of time....

Then you have what is called a workout masterpiece...

And a workout masterpiece, combined daily consistency is how you get leaner, faster, stronger.

So if your looking for effective free interval workouts, then you've come to the right place.

On this website you'll find tons of different interval workouts that will help you achieve any goal. And the workouts include of variety of different types, ranging from body weight workouts, CrossFit workouts, home gym workouts to running intervals…anywhere workouts!

For more information on interval workouts, you can visit the about page, or get started on the right track here. You can also check out the resources page for a list of workout equipment, nutrition supplements and tools that will help you get optimize your results, and take your fitness to the next level.

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