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Free Interval Workouts

There is only ONE way to lose fat, and that is to exercise smart.Most people make the mistake of exercising too hard, too often, cutting calories, and not resting enough. This fat loss strategy is only going to put your body into a stress response state, and cause you to gain weight, or hit a plateau so you can’t lose weight, in-spite of your hard work in the gym.

Interval training, works to burn fat because of the dynamic combination of both cardio conditioning, weight training, and abs. If you want to lose fat, you need to incorporate an interval training routine into your exercise program, plus a real food nutrition plan.

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Cardio Interval Training

Whether you love to run, bike swim or do plyometrics, incorporating these exercise disciplines into an interval workout, will give you more bang for your buck. Instead of training at the same pace for a specific period of time, you can combine different intensities that fluctuate between hard to easy. This keeps your heart rate elevated so you feel like your being challenged, but also gives you a rest period, to repay that oxygen debt. If your looking to mix up your cardio routines, and keep yourself challenged, then using cardio interval workouts should be in your program. Get free cardio interval workouts here

Interval Training with Weights

Young woman weight trainingInterval training with weights is another really effective workout technique that maximize your fitness and fat loss results, without wasting endless hours in the gym. If you want to build lean muscle, and shed the fat hiding your abs, then you want to include at a few of these workouts into your fitness program a week. This style of interval training combines resistance exercises with short intense bursts of cardio, with minimal rest between sets and exercises. With these short recovery breaks activate more mitochondria causing a higher after burn effect- which means your going to be burning calories long after your workout. After your 10 minute warm up (which should be standard for any workout), you choose your weight exercises and super-set them. Which means your going to go from one exercise to the next without rest until you complete the set. Ideally you'd want to choose exercises that are of different muscle groups so you allow time for rest, without actually resting...but not too long of rest. If you follow this training technique with good food, you can be sure to see some real amazing results. Get free Cardio with weights workouts here

High Intensity Interval Training Workouts (A.K.A HIIT)

skiping intervalsHIIT workouts are a combination of intense burst of energy followed by active resistance training. So for example you would sprint for 30 seconds and go right into push-ups or clean and press. The point of HIIT workouts, is to keep your heart rate elevated, while combing compound movements, that require A LOT of energy. Chances are you won't last for much more then a half hour with a HIIT workout, but that's kinda' the point. If you really to challenge yourself, optimize your time, and still burn a ton of calories then HIIT workouts should be your best friend (and possibly your worst enemy!). These workouts are best for fat loss, and leaning out so you can finally get those washboard abs. Get free high intensity interval workouts here